A great article from last year on Harvard and ROTC. This is why institutions such as Harvard should get points for officially supporting such programs! They take the heat and allow young men and women the financial support for school which they deserve when they commit to a period of service in our military. In doing so at places like Harvard they recognize service in our armed forces as an honorable elite tradition.

Speaking directly to the newly commissioned officers, Summers said, “America is strong because it is free; America is free because it is strong. And it is strong because of the service of wonderful individuals like those we commission today.”

I thought there wasn’t anything more important that someone could do than to serve their country … so I admire your courage, your devotion as citizens in joining our armed forces at this crucial moment,” he added. Speaking of the University’s sometimes uneasy relationship with ROTC, he said that more could be done “because whatever you think about policy issues … I believe our country is most important, and I believe our country is best served when great universities like this one stand with those who defend the freedom that makes it possible for us to do all the wonderful things that we are able to do here.” Summers also expressed a wish: “I look forward to the day when it is common and doesn’t draw remark when an Ivy League president attends an ROTC commissioning ceremony.”

Why does’nt Williams have an ROTC program?

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