This week marks the arrival of new frosh on campus, about to embark on one of the best times at williams: First Days. Remember that experience? Awkward first encounters, first entry dinners, surviving solely on name tags, thinking that 550 people in your class was a large number (hah.), walking around campus when the weather is warm and everyone is happy, just before schoolwork kicks in, the weather turns colder, and it starts to feel like, well, school. I like to think of it as Camp Williams: bonding, fun, new experiences- it makes me tingle inside just to think about it.

Being at Mystic this fall (WOOT) and having friends become proud new mamas and papas to their own baby entries, advice to these folk from those who’ve been there and done that is much appreciated, (and probably needed.) Regardless of whether you enjoyed your first days experience or not, there are many things to pass on to the next generation of ephs: here’s your chance. (Though I’m only going into my third year at school, here’s what I’ve learned to do, to avoid, and to love in Williamstown. Enjoy.)

(in no real order)
1) Flip-flops can be all-weather shoes.
2) Don’t go to the B during first days, especially if you’re a girl.
3) Sleepover in Sawyer library (preferably before they tear it down in 2009)
4) Just because the name has the word ‘yogurt’ in the title doesn’t qualify having fro-yo everyday.
5) Following suit, if you plan to avoid the freshman fifteen, don’t do the Mission park dining experience everyday for dinner.
6) Driscoll lunches= amazing. Driscoll dinners, on the other hand, are not.
7) Stargazing down at Cole field on clear nights is breathtaking.
8) Make the dining hall staff your best friends, and you won’t regret it.
9) Play hide-and-go seek in Paresky.
10) Go on the roof of Schow to watch the sunset.
13) Facebook is not a good excuse for not doing work. (Trust me.)
14) Keep track of your id! And make good friends with Kristi in security. That ten dollar replacement charge adds up.
15) Join Clubs. A lot of clubs. Meet people. Waffle club? Varsity four-square? Chinese yo-yo? Sports and a capella (!) and dance and meditation- you have no excuse.
15) Sleep is overrated- you’re only in college for so long (and that’s what summers & breaks are for.)

Feel free to add.

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