A question from College Confidential:

My father attended Williams in the early 1950’s. I came across a book of his – Damon Runyon, if you must know – in which he wrote his name and “29 Williams Hall, Williams College”. Can anyone provide any information about this address?

I lived in Williams C in 84-85 and I have the vaguest memory of numbers on the doors having nothing to do with the entry system but being consistent with the floors. So, my quess is that 29 would have been on the second floor. Then again, that doesn’t make too much sense since there would have been (at least) 12 rooms on the second floor (6 entries times 2 rooms each). I also suspect that mail might have been delivered to individual rooms back in the 50’s. Certainly by the 80’s, we were all using the mailroom in Baxter.


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