In the previous hours, a regular commercial transport truck originating within the United States of Mexico was inspected and cleared towards its final destination far inside the United States of America.

If the underlying political-economic agreement proves stable, certified commercial transport originating at any point within our two nations will now be free to traverse our common territories. In the coming weeks, many of you will see the emblems of Mexican companies for the first time, on trucks traveling the roadways of our forty-nine northern states. As will shortly occur, in converse, for the citizens of our thirty-one southern states.

In the Federal District of Mexico City on Friday, several economists and planners paused to look at the diplomas of Maynard Keynes and Redvers Opie, and consider the meaning of this landmark event upon the long paths we have undertaken toward open trade and free societies, and, against cynicism and pessimism borne of experience, to hope and dream again in the face of this natality.

My thanks to the many Ephs who played various roles in, and fought for this achievement. It has given both pride and immediate hope to the peoples of the thirty-one southern states, but its ultimate meaning may well be found in its impact on the identity and future of all the Americas, its role in buttressing the security and survival of our democracies, and its impact on our common sense of what we may accomplish, together.

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