Laura Lim Prescott ’92 writes:

I’m an avid EphBlog reader and I need help from your other readers. I’m
going back to Williamstown next month. (The first time since I graduated!)
One of the things my husband and I want to do is hike around the
Williamstown area. We are planning to go up Pine Cobble, but I do not
remember any other trails. I emailed Scott Lewis (faculty advisor of the
Outing Club) to see about getting the WOC Trail Guide. He told me that it is
now out of print! They hope to have a new version ready this winter, but
that’s too late for me. I can still get the trail map, but not the guide

Could you please ask (beg) your readers if any of them have an old copy of
the Trail Guide that I could borrow. I will return it.

Can anyone help Laura? I have a vague recollection that a lot of trail information was on-line at some point . . .

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