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Dean Dave Event

Why not produce a podcast of this event?

Please join us on the second floor of Paresky for Dean Dave’s favorite cookies- Chocolate chip! Dean Dave will share his personal story for what promises to be an incredible half hour.

Hundreds of alums would be interested in hearing Dean Dave Johnson’s story. Few Ephs better exemplify the Williams ethos of excellence in all things.

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#1 Comment By outed anon On September 16, 2007 @ 12:49 pm

“Ethos”… like “Vision” in the 90s, everyone just has to have one! Why is it that such catch phrases are continually used, marketed, passed over, re invented and re sold?

I am pretty much over the whole “Vision ethos” thing, and just have a desire for people to get it done, right, on time, and to the best of their ability (well). How about that as an ethos?