A reader points to this WSO announcement.

This Sunday will be a special meeting about the Jena 6 issue that many may not be aware of. It is an important issue that deals with students of this school and throughout the country. The issue is injustice and is one that all of Williams should be concerned about. Be active outside the purple bubble. Come at 7:00 p.m. to Rice House (Morley’s Circle) and discuss the Jena 6 issue with other students and faculty. Come to learn about it if you have not heard of it. Get involved with the BSU and SSJ to discuss what should be done.

Meeting is in 30 minutes. If any readers attend, please let us know how it goes.

Never heard of the Jena Six?

Jena Six refers to a group of six African American teenagers who are charged with attempted second-degree murder after assaulting a white teenager in Jena, Louisiana, on December 4, 2006. Critics including civil rights leaders Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have claimed that their arrests were racially motivated.

Well, if Al Sharpton is involved, I am suspicious. Was the Tawana Brawley hoax only 20 years ago? Our anonymous reader notes:

I’m wondering what you make of this. How does an issue of black and white high school students in Louisiana fighting each other “deal with students of this school”? Is the Williams student poster saying that there is racial violence at Williams? Or injustice against black students at Williams? Just wondering.

Me too.

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