The first edition of the Record came out this week in print and on the web. Kudos on a fine job. As a paying subscriber, I also appreciate getting the paper by Saturday. (If you aren’t a paying subscriber, you ought to be.)

Note that not everything in the print edition makes it to the web. For example, there was a note this week that Bojana Mladenovic‘s tenure appeal had been granted. Shocking news! How many tenure appeals have been granted in the last decade? I can’t think of any since Mark Reinhardt’s in the mid-90s. (Can anyone else?) Informed commentary welcome. EphBlog first reported Mladenovic’s tenure denial 2 years ago. The Record should dig into this one. There are many junior professors who would find this a fascinating topic! And, since Mladenovic is now tenured, she ought to be open to an interview on the topic.

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