Are you a patriotic, athletic Eph with some physical courage? If so, there is nothing better to do next summer then spend 6 weeks at Marine Corps OCS. Jeff Castiglione ’07 is here today to tell you why.

Have you considered becoming an Officer in the US Marine Corps? Meet 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey Castiglione ’07, USMC on Thursday, 9/20 from 12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m. in the OCC Library. Jeff will talk about his experiences in OCS and the Marine Corps Officer Programs. In October, Jeff will attend The Basic School in Quantico, VA for more specialized training before he is deployed. Pizza and beverages will be provided.

The great thing about OCS is that there is no obligation. You can try it out for a summer, head back to Williams and then have nothing to do with the Marine Corps for the rest of your life. More details here. Spending a summer at OCS was the second best decision I made at Williams.

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