The Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans is out. How many Ephs are on it? Excellent question! I see:

1) Edgar M Bronfman Sr ’50 at $3.2 billion. Bronfman never graduated from (was kicked out of?) Williams. Surely there is a story to be told . . .

2) Herb Allen ’62 at $2.0 billion. By the way, Allen is listed as a college drop-out. Does he have a degree from Williams or not?

3) Robert Rich Jr ’63 at $1.5 billion. Note also this great article.

4) George Steinbrenner III, ’52 at $1.3 billion.

Non-Ephs on the list with Eph connections include Robert Kraft (father of several Ephs including Trustee Jonathan Kraft ’86) and Matthew Bucksbaum grandfather to a current Eph and father-in-law to Williams Commencement (Re-)Speaker Thomas Friedman.

Here is a handy alphabetical list of all 400. Are there any Ephs we have missed? (Why doesn’t this tool provide a Williams option?)

Unfortunately, Steve Case ’80 is no longer on the list. Alas, $825 million isn’t what it used to be! Eph most likely to make this list someday? Chase Coleman ’97.

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