Add Earl Potter ’68, president of St. Cloud State University, to the list of Eph college presidents. Is this news story a compliment or an insult?

But behind those achievements lie a man whose history is as complex and diverse as the list of schools he’s studied at and led.

Potter grew up in a small, waterfront town in Rhode Island along with his parents and younger brother and sister.

Potter described his past as one full of choices, of trying to fit in with the various social circles that ran rampant in his life in North Kingstown.

Church, high school and the yacht club were just some of the many directions the young Potter was pulled in.

But though it could be difficult at times to sort through those various circles, Potter said he learned to make up his own mind on what was right and wrong, and gained an independent streak which helps guide him through decisions he continues to make.

Ah, the pull of the yacht club. Beware the infernal temptations of youth!

To be fair, Potter seems like an interesting fellow. He spent many years in the Coast Guard, not dodging his military obligations like so many Ephs of his generation. Will the College be awarding Potter a Bicentennial Medal anytime soon? Maybe. A female Eph with the same accomplishments would be a shoe-in.

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