How many Ephs have won a Pulitzer Prize? This seems like the sort of empirical question we ought to be able to answer. Indeed, perhaps it is time for a Wikipedia page on the topic. I see:

John Toland ’36
Professor James McGregor Burns ’39
Bernard Bailyn ’45
Hedrick Smith ’55
John Kifner ’63 (who wins (?) via his contribution to a collection of articles for the New York Times. I think that all the reporters in such a collection can and do describe themselves as Pulitzer-winners. Is that the convention? Or do you need to be cited by name to claim that honor?)
Edward Larson ’74
Stacy Schiff ’82
Sonia Nazario ’82
Former Professor Louise Gluck (not sure if a non-alum belongs in this list but she won the Pulitzer while she was at Williams).

Are there any others? Leaving aside Gluck, all of these Ephs have won Bicentennial Medals except for Smith and Larson. Surely they should be near the top of the list as the committee members consider nominations for next year.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comment below on Greg Jaffe ’91. Since he is the author of several of the articles for which the Wall Street Journal won, he is, indeed, a Pulitzer Prize winner. (Note the confusion here on that topic.) In the category of Williams alum Pulitzer winners who have not won Bicentennial Medals, we have 3 men and 0 women. Nothing to see there! Please, just move along.

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