Dan Winston ’09 sent in this link on Erin Burnett ’98.

Today, the media biz’s juiciest smackdown is taking place inside the hallowed halls of CNBC. Maria Bartiromo is fending off Erin Burnett, who is about nine years her junior. When I checked IMDB.com, it said Bartiromo will turn 40 on Tuesday (which is the sixth anniversary of 9/11, no less). Happy Birthday, Money Honey! Lately, the blogosphere and the tabloids have been captivated by the melodrama unfolding at CNBC headquarters in suburban New Jersey. For its part, CNBC officials play down the chatter as silly gossip and say the two popular anchors can work and play well together.

Sure, this sort of talk is probably inevitable in a male-dominated business like television news. The emergence of a pair of attractive (and highly capable) newswomen is bound to spark speculation about a feud. Now, if CNBC showed signs of favoring one over the other in its promotions, there could be trouble. If it appeared that the network was starting to give one or the other more plum assignments, CNBC would have a major problem on its hands.

The tabloids and blogs love nothing more than building you up and then knocking you down.

So they tell me. But let’s focus on the positive! Surely Ephs of all political colorations will wish Burnett well on her career. Yet she needs a better nickname. Her current one, Maria 2.0, is too derivative. Suggestions? Ideally, we would like to get some sort of Eph/Williams reference in there. Perhaps a riff on Burnett’s athletic past as a field hockey and lacrosse player for the Ephs . . .

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