The goal of this post is to catalog all the graduates of Williams who have won a Pulitzer Prize. It is a follow up to this post. (Thanks to readers for various pointers.)

John Toland ’36
James McGregor Burns ’39
Bernard Bailyn ’45
Hedrick Smith ’55
John Kifner ’63
Edward Larson ’74
Sonia Nazario ’82
Stacy Schiff ’82
Eric Schmitt ’82
Dan Keating ’84
Greg Jaffe ’91

Are there any others? All of these Ephs have won Bicentennial Medals except for Jaffe, Keating, Schmidt, Larson and Smith. Surely they should be near the top of the list for next year. For those who care about such things, both of the female winners have been awarded Bicentennial Medals. Four of the nine male winners have been so honored. That’s just a coincidence, of course. Nothing to see hear. Please move along.

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