Latest update on on Tracy McIntosh ’75, most famous convicted Eph sexual assaultist. Previous Ephblog coverage here.

Former University of Pennsylvania professor Tracy McIntosh said today that he would proceed with resentencing on his 2004 no-contest plea to sexually assaulting a graduate student.

McIntosh and defense attorney Joel P. Trigiani announced the decision not to contest his original plea during a brief hearing this morning before Common Pleas Judge Pamela Pryor Dembe.

Dembe set sentencing for Dec. 21.

Dembe became the new sentencing judge Feb. 7 when the original judge, Rayford A. Means, disqualified himself rather than go through the appeals-court ordered resentencing.

Means said his controversial 11-1/2- to 23-month sentence of house arrest for McIntosh, 54, of Media, an internationally known researcher into treating brain injuries, had made him the issue rather than justice for McIntosh or his victim.

I don’t have much new to add except that, if you are a JA romantically involved with a first year, then you are, morally, little better than McIntosh. Don’t see why? Read this.

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