Think you are the coolest Eph? Depends on the metric. For example, is one of your ex-girlfriends accused of having an affair with presidential candidate John Edwards? No? Then you are not as cool as Jay McInerney ’76.

On the deleted pages, the 44-year-old Hunter (formerly known as Lisa Druck) discusses her former hard partying days, her search for enlightenment, and her issues with drugs and debt. There is a 2005 interview she did with one-time boyfriend Jay McInerney, in which the celebrated novelist reveals that Hunter was the basis for Alison Poole, the main character of his book, Story of My Life.

“It was narrated in the first person,” McInerney writes in the intro to the interview, “from the point of view of an ostensibly jaded, cocaine-addled, sexually voracious 20-year old who was, shall we say, inspired by Lisa [aka Rielle].”

Or perhaps having ex-girlfriends in the news is not a good metric for coolness . . .

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