Williams College Admissions

I was in Williamstown recently (the same weekend that Dave was giving his talk, except that I missed it to make it to a wedding). My wife, Katie Davis ’00, lead a discussion group at a teacher conference. While she did that, I wandered around campus taking photos.

Here is a link to my Williams College Flickr Set. I don’t know that any of them are anything new compared to the excellent work that Diana Davis ’07 has been providing us, but for those interested in such things, there you go.

I have about 1000 photos, literally, that I took that day and it is taking me some time to weed through them and find ones worth adding to the set – so it may grow over time as I try to squeeze in time to review them. I have been adding my memories/thoughts on various shots, please feel free to add any of your own as well.

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