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Tyng Details

This Questbridge page provides interesting details on the Tyng Scholarship.

The Stephen H. Tyng Scholarship was established in 1940 through the bequest of Mrs. Juliet Tyng, in memory of both her husband and son. These scholarships are the most distinctive and prestigious awards presented each year to six to eight of the most promising scholars in the first-year class.

Tyng Scholar aid packages are designed to meet a student’s demonstrated need, primarily with scholarship assistance, for each year at Williams. Further assistance is available for up to three years of graduate or professional school or the equivalent of summer study or research at the graduate level. Since all applicants who qualify for aid are considered as candidates for the Tyng, no additional application is required.

Of important note for Tyng Scholars:

* There is no required work-study
* Student loan amounts are always $1,000 less than the standard loan expectation (which is determined by the level of their parent contribution)
* Outside scholarships can be used to reduce the loan expectation. Once the student loan is eliminated, the balance reduces the Tyng Scholarship dollar for dollar. Outside scholarships do not replace the summer income contribution.
* Loan expectations do increase from year to year (although lower income students who bring in some outside scholarships can find themselves with a zero loan debt at graduation).
* Aid applications will be reviewed every year. This means that your financial aid package can vary from year to year, costs can increase, and family contributions can change.
* Students are expected to contribute 25% of their personal savings and investments each year.


1) The College’s continuing refusal to admit that the Tyng is a merit scholarship is dishonest.

2) Given the College’s difficulty in attracting African-American applicants with Williams caliber credentials, the Tyng should be focused on them. Why isn’t it, I wonder?

3) Can anyone explain who chooses Tyng winners and what criteria are used? More transparency, please.