Dick Swart ’56 needs advice on blogging.

I am trying to get a blog off the ground for members of the class of 1956 : http://1956ephs.blogspot.com/ . So far I have a beta group of a carefully selected 20 (alive with an email address).

Finally, I googled (this is now like kerosene, aspirin, scotch tape and xerox – where are their lawyers?) ‘Williams College Blog’ and found the real thing!

I would welcome any comments/suggestions/experiences on blogging and trying to drum up interest in one from a group of max 200 men over 70 who may or may not be computer literate.

1) It is hard to create a viable blog community with so few members.

2) Why not join EphBlog? We would love to have you and other members of the class of 1956 as authors. There are thousands of Ephs of all ages interested in what the men of the class of 1956 have to say, especially about All Things Eph. Note that one of our most popular series last spring concerned essays from members of the class of 1957.

Come and join the conversation.

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