With regard to the bio-cleanup in Morgan.

It happened Sunday morning sometime after 2:30 am, ’cause that’s when I went to bed, and the bathroom was clean then.

And Rahul – you could not honestly expect someone to clean that up. It was possibly the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. We’re talking huge puddles of puke all over the floor, and you could identify individual food particles. At least the custodial staff gets paid extra to do it.

First, is the custodial staff really “paid extra” for these sorts of clean ups? If so, how much? How long has the policy been in place? I have no problem with this, but only a fool would fail to note that paying extra for something is unlikely to decrease it. (Which isn’t to say — obviously! — that the custodial staff is creating the messes which they then get paid extra to clean up. Instead, if this is a new policy, it could be that the actual rate of bio-messes are the same as in years passed but that the new policy is causing those messes to be reported more frequently.) If the custodians do get paid extra for each incident, then there should be a very accurate historical record of such events. The Record should investigate.

Second, if we know that this particular event occurred after 2:30 AM (and if there wasn’t some huge party in Morgan), then the list of possible suspects is small. Do we have any Morgan readers who can narrow down the time frame? When was the mess discovered? With a list of the people who entered Morgan between, say, 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM, the Record (or a College Council committee) could start interviewing people. Anyone who was that sick would have been noticed by someone . . .

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