For readers pining for a break from reading about vomit, here is some happier alcohol related news: the purple pub is reopening soon (according to the article, they are shooting for some time after the New Year). Sounds great: more space, expanded menu (always great to have additional affordable food options on Spring Street, and the Pub made a mean burger), but similar decor / tavern feeling. Hopefully they utilize enough of the old pub memorabilia to insure that the new digs are recognizable for nostalgic alums. I’d love to see pictures of the new space once is gets closer to completion.

And for those alums who spent, ummm, a few too many hours at the pub during their undergraduate years (I know you’re out there), you may want to drop by a football game this fall, where the old pub furniture will be available for purchase:

“The Purple Pub’s old grill, slicer, tables, chairs and stools will be among the items sold in November’s yard sale. She said she is trying to coordinate the day of the sale with weekend football games at Williams College, but wants to sell the equipment before the first snow.”

… A once-in-a-lifetime chance to relive hours of procrastination in your very own home mini-pub.

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