Is Kristin Alotta the first confirmed member of the class of 2012?

The last time Kristin Alotta played in this match, she wasn’t even in high school.

Yesterday, she was a senior with her college plans decided.

After a four-year wait, West Islip’s Alotta returned to the Suffolk girls singles tennis final. This time, she left as champion.

The win capped one of the best weeks of her life. Last Monday, she committed to Williams College, where she will play tennis.

“It’s been an incredible week. I’m thrilled to be going there. So many people my age are scrambling so it’s nice to have it out of the way,” she said. “And then winning this on top of that is amazing.”

Indeed. Has anyone else “committed” to Williams? Details, please. For high school seniors in the non-star-athlete category, early decision applications are due on November 10th. Good luck with your essays. Previous discussion here. The subject of that post is, indeed, now on the varsity soccer team as a first year.

Welcome to Kristin Alotta ’12, the newest member of the Williams community.

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