After a few years of gestation, it is time to get serious about EphCOIs, my idea for an Eph Community of Interest, a place where Williams folks interested in a specific topic can gather (virtually) for news and conversation. We will start with EphCOI:Finance, if only because this is the community that I best understand and can most easily rally. Aaron Schwartz ’09, one of my summer associates, will be joining EphBlog as an author. He, along with other authors, will be posting things that are finance-related even if there is not a specific Eph connection. Almost all of the content of these entries will be below the break so that readers without an interest in finance will not need to read them. They will be categorized as EphCOI:Finance posts.

In an ideal world, we would organize EphBlog so that there were different “views” for different readers. That is, someone who wanted to see only the Finance posts or none of the Finance posts would be able to do so. Alas, that technology isn’t available. But our move to WordPress is coming up so perhaps in time.

Join us for this experiment. Comments welcome.

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