Funniest WSO thread this year starts here. Sample:

Perhaps we could spin this whole poop thing in a positive way.

“We’re Williams College! We’re very progressive and forward thinking! We’re so progressive that we shit all over your societal norms about using toliets! Literally!”

“At Williams College, we defy the concept of what a ‘toilet’ should or should not be. In our progressive, dynamic fecal community, a ‘toilet’ is what you make of it. In our effort to ensure diversity (or dump-versity, as we call it), we don’t put restraints on your cultural shitting practices. Call it what you will – can, john, potty, latrine, hallway – but at Williams, we’re open to anything.”

“At Williams College, we don’t give a shit.”

“At Williams College, we give a shit and then some.”

And so on. Those not able to logon to WSO are invited to contribute to the merriment here.

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