Here are the Cluster Cup standings.

Dodd – 11 points
Wood – 6 points
Spencer – 6 points
Currier – 3 points

Feel those competitive juices flowing! Previous rant here. Next event is Doubles Badminton. Try to contain your excitement. Could some kind reader provide us with an update on how well-attended recent Cluster Cup events have been?

By the way, doesn’t the total number of points seem sort of low? Aren’t there typically 9 points awarded at each event (5 for first, 3 for second and 1 for third)? If so, there have only been three events . . . Or only 3 events that had enough participants to make a go of it?

Can’t help repeating myself: No matter how talented our Office of Campus Life bureaucrats, no matter how hard-working our NGB leadership, neighborhood competition is doomed to failure. You read it here first.

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