Happy Birthday to Eph Marines far and wide! For those who don’t know, November 10th is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Michelle Malkin provides a non-partisan collection of links. Strangely enough, none of my favorite lefty blogs mark the occasion in a similar fashion. (Counter examples welcome!) Eph Marines on active duty now include 2nd Lt Brad Shirley ’07, 2nd Lt Jeff Castiglione ’07, 1st Lt Joel Iams ’01 (perhaps now a Captain), Capt Bungee Cooke ’98, Capt Lee Kindlon ’98 and Major Jerry Rizzo ’87 (perhaps now a Lt Col). Is Zach Pace ’98 still in? Are there any others?

Eph Marines no longer with us include 1st Lt Nate Krissoff ’03 and 1st Lt Myles Crosby Fox ’40. May they rest in piece among the honored dead.

Dark hills at evening in the West
Where sunset hovers like the sound
Of golden horns that sang to rest
Old bones of warriors under ground.

Far now from all the bannered ways
Where flash the legions of the sun
You fade — as if the last of days
Were fading, and all wars were done.

To Those Who Have Gone Before . . .

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