Interesting talk last night.

Peter Christ, former police captain and member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) will be speaking Tuesday November 13th at 7:30 in Paresky Theater. Using his personal background in fighting the Drug War, Mr. Christ will be talking about the failures of our drug policy and discussing the issue with professors James Mahon (Political Science) and Betty Zimmerberg (Neuroscience).

Good stuff. Did anyone attend? By the way, here’s my foolproof plan to legalize drugs: Let the Native Americans do it! Given the bureaucracy and politics involved, it seems hard to know how any state might legalize drugs on its own, just as it was hard to see 25 years ago how any state (leaving aside Nevada and Atlantic City) would legalize gambling. But then Native American tribes saw the money making potential for gambling and used their tribal sovereignty to good effect. Now even Puritan Massachusetts is setting up casinos.

Why wouldn’t the same process work for drugs? Let’s say that an ambitious tribe decides to legalize medical marijuana. Could the Federal government prevent that? I don’t think so. (Eph legal opinion welcome.) Would anything prevent such a tribe from allowing visitors to smoke marijuana, assuming it was under a doctor’s supervision? Once that was established, why not harder drugs? Why not drop the doctor? I bet that such a tribe could grow very rich offering this sort of legal entertainment.

And once that happened, other tribes would follow. State governments, envious of the revenue stream and eager for an escape from the war on drugs, would have political cover to do the same. Problem solved!

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