Want more advice from EphBlog? Apply for the JA Selection Committee.

Applications are due tomorrow for a spot on this year’s JA Selection Committee. It’s incredibly fun and is an incredibly valubale service you can do for your school. The committee meets around 4 nights a week for the first five weeks of spring semester. It’s a legit. time commitment, but is eminently manageable.

Let your voice be heard! Make a difference! Join SelCom! Remember, everyone had different entry experiences and everyone has different visions of what a JA should be. Whether you hated your entry or loved it, we want a diversity of opinions so please don’t hesitate to apply.

Exactly right. Comments:

1) JASC represents everything that is best about Williams: a serious responsibility, lots of hard work, collaborating with your peers, and all student-run. Why is it that the less that the Office of Campus Life has to do with something, the more that students get out of the experience? Remember the tablecloth colors!

2) If Willipedia were to be good for anything, it should be good at telling us the details about the JASC. I do my best here, but I can’t edit it anymore. Perhaps someone else could add the co-chairs for this year and last.

3) Previous discussion here: 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. My opinions are the same as in past years.

We’ll know that something is wrong with the administration if they ever try to turn responsibility for JA selection over to the Dean’s Office, not because the Dean’s Office would do a poor job but because it would take a meaningful amount of power, and the responsibility that goes with it, out of the hands of students.

The JASC ought to expand its membership to include all credible applicants. More participation leads to better results. Now, there is nothing wrong with setting a high hurdle, with requiring a written essay with the application or kicking off anyone who misses more than 1 of the first 10 meetings. But, if someone really wants to participate in the process, a place should be created for them. To be inclusive you need to include people.

I realize that this will, perhaps, make the committee larger than it has been in the past. I see no reason that this will lead to better (or even different) decisions as to who is selected to be a JA. But it will lead the Williams community as a whole to view the process as more legitimate, as less incestuous. It will also cause those who are rejected to have more faith in the process since they are more likely to know, personally, someone on the committee who can vouch for its fairness.

I think that the JASC only gets about 35 applications for 25 spots, so expanding the committee is reasonable.

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