We never did cover what happened with that ill-timed, ill-considered vote about locking down the campus that so bothered me to see reconsidered. Andrew’s blog for College Council has got it covered: Students voted NO to letting houses restrict access by a margin of 1,349 to 204. That’s about as clear a response as you get. I hope the College gives up trying to solve the problem this way.

Andrew’s post excerpts some good free-response quotes appended to people’s votes and posts the whole collection of free responses. Way to go, Andrew, that’s fine work. If all surveys of students were so transparent, they couldn’t be used to justify actions that were against the respondents’ wills.

A comment to Andrew’s entry alleges

Sure, restricted card access is probably unnecessary. But there are so many problems with that survey that the whole thing just became a joke.

I wonder what made it a joke? Were there other bad questions? Was it poorly advertised or something? Details, especially a post of the original survey would be great if it was anything beyond yes/no and the comment box.

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