Eric Smith ’99 donates money to Ron Paul.

The last election I was not living in the US, and so I was about as ambivalent as I could be about what was going on (that was probably an earlier and less successful version of the Army motto – “Be As Ambivalent As You Can Be… And Kill People”). My vote counted to where I had last lived, which was Massachusetts at the time (and is where I am now), and since they always go Democrat I really didn’t see much point in bothering to vote (in that I was voting Democrat – or rather “not Bush”).

This time around though, I am in the States and I get to see people’s reactions to it all right up close and personal. It is interesting – the thing that I am most surprised about (and really shouldn’t be) is that people really don’t seem to think any number of steps beyond “I WANT A PONY” as to how exactly that pony will be paid for, and who will pay for it.

Maybe living overseas did it for me, but looking at how much in taxes I pay out, I am totally fine with you having a pony and all – I just don’t want to pay for your pony. If I can use your pony sometimes, then I will help pay for it – but if you are going to use it for yourself (and worse yet, not feed it properly or give it a nice home), then I really have no interest in paying for your pony.

Me either.

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