For those of you who are fans of ESPN’s “Sports Guy” Bill Simmons, thought I would cut and paste this exchange with a Williams student (who, by the way, pretty much ended his chances of getting a date this year at Williams) during yesterday’s marathon chat to benefit the Jimmy V. Foundation. Dan forgot to mention that the Ephs beat Holy Cross the last time they played each other in hoops. (To be fair to Dan, Simmons is often cracking on the purported unattractiveness of NESCAC students, so Dan was probably just trying to catch his attention).

Dan Benz (Williamstown, MA): You mentioned in an article once that Holy Cross should consider joining the NESCAC, but as a student of Williams College I was just wondering if you’d also be okay with the fact that they’d be finishing no better than fifth every year? P.S. I know you’re familiar somewhat with NESCAC schools so maybe you can answer this for me–there are girls here right? I’ve been here three years and I’d just like to see one before my senior year.

Bill Simmons: I am totally fine with HC being in the NESCAC – that’s where we belong. We are fooling ourselves and I am not giving money to the school again until they address it.

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