New (acting) Pittsfield Chief of Police is Mike Wynn ’93.

Mayor James M. Ruberto yesterday appointed acting Capt. Michael J. Wynn to run the Pittsfield Police Department until a permanent replacement is found for the outgoing police chief.

Wynn, 37, a 12-year veteran of the department, will be known as the “captain in charge.” He will assume his duties Saturday, the day that Chief Anthony J. Riello officially becomes police chief in Falmouth.

“I’m excited about the opportunity,” Wynn said yesterday. “I’m looking forward to working with everybody at the department.”

He succeeded 40-year department veteran John T. O’Neil as the department’s administrative captain in July. He is considered an “acting” captain because O’Neil’s retirement is not official until next month. The City Council is expected to confirm Wynn’s appointment in January.

Wynn has less experience than the department’s two other captains: Patrick F. Barry, who heads the detective and narcotics units, and David Granger, who leads the patrol and traffic divisions. Barry served as captain in charge for several months in 2004 while Riello was recovering from neck surgery.

“I can’t get into the whole details of the selection process, but it wasn’t a complete surprise,” Wynn said. “It was more surprising to me to be considered.”

Ruberto said he was impressed with Wynn’s leadership abilities, professionalism and focus.

“I think he will best serve the Pittsfield Police Department in the coming months,” Ruberto said. “Mike Wynn is a captain’s captain.”

Wynn would make an interesting alumni speaker at next June’s reunions. He probably has some fun stories to tell. I also suspect that he is the only grandfather in the class of 1993.

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