Dan Drezner ’90 reports on his five favorite blog posts and notes, quoting Matt Yglesias, that “there are so many newcomers to the blogosphere that, ‘the aggregate audience for blog commentary is enormously larger than it was a few years ago, so it’s quite possible that there are people reading this blog right now who have never heard of of the classic[s]…’.”

The obvious question: What are some of your favorite EphBlog posts? We have more than 4,400 entries over almost 5 years to choose from. I would nominate:

1) Random Musings on Tips from David Nickerson ’97 was one of the best posts on the topic of admissions policy.

2) Another (Not a Better) College Ranking System by Derek Charles Catsam ’93 generated more comments than any EphBlog post ever. Surely, that counts for something.

3) Diana Davis’s ’07 post on the Report on Varsity Athletics was one the best that we have had in the 3 years of running CGCL, our Winter Study seminars.

4) Jonathan Landsman ’05 is always a source of good sense and historical sensibility, no where more than with these thoughts on The Williams Deanship.

5) And, if forced to nominate one of my own posts, I might go with The Tablecloth Colors or Mrs. Shattuck #2 or, less controversially, one of my RIP posts.

More below.

Who am I kidding? My favorite posts are more slash-and-burn than please-and-praise.

1) Explaining the free market to Economics Professor David Zimmerman.

2) Outing creepy boyfriend Robert Shvern as part of the Mary Jane Hitler imbroglio, one of the top five posts on EphBlog by number of comments (none by me).

3) Schooling Jacob Eisler ’04 on the Ghosts of EphBlog Past, Present and Future.

4) Fisking Nina Smith and Lisha Perez as part of the Barnard/VISTA controversy.

But enough about me. What are your favorite posts?

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