This years Winter Study seminar (EphBlog’s annual experiment in the possibilities of creating, in Professor Robert Jackall’s phrase, a “cross-generational community of learning” (CGCL)) will cover Education’s End: Why Our Colleges and Universities Have Given Up on the Meaning of Life by Anthony Kronman ’68.

Those new to CGCL can check out last year’s version here. Basic plan is the same as always. We will have a “discussant” who will post her thoughts in each day’s reading. The floor will then be open to comments from everyone. I will see what I can do about getting a version of the book posted on-line, at least during of the class. But, since that probably won’t happen, participants should order their books now.

Best part is that Professor Kronman has agreed to join us.


Woo-hoo! So, discussants can be sure that the author himself will be reading their posts. (Whether or not Professor Kronman chooses to reply will be based on the quality of the posts and his other time commitments.)

I have already signed up Professor Alan White (who taught me philosophy 20 years ago) as the discussant for the Introduction, Chris Gondek ’90 for chapter 2 and Trustee Fred Lawrence ’77 for chapter 5. Want to be a discussant? Let me know. EphBlog is open to all. If I could draft one discussant, it would be “&”, a recent and most excellent addition to our collection of regular commentators. (Anonymous discussants are welcome.) I am especially interested in recruiting some students.

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