The New York Times has an article today about high school students learning squash to increase their chances of admission at elite colleges. When it comes to football, there are tons of students to pick from; when it comes to squash, there are a lot fewer–hence the strategy.

When I was at Williams, Episcopal Academy was the squash powerhouse prep school–not sure who it is now. And, squash is pretty easy to learn. One of my proudest moments in school was when in my junior year I beat the 7th ranked player in the nation. Admittedly, Don was coming down with a bad case of the flu, and it was the best game of squash I ever played, but hey, I still won–and I had learned only two years before, in a freshman PE class.

Also, Bill Simon ’73 (the person running for Governor in California until he stepped aside for Schwarzenegger and whose family gave the new squash courts) had never played squash before he got to college, and he was captain of the Williams squash team his senior year.

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