Dan Drezner ’90 was almost mugged last night.

Last night I met Daniel Drezner for dinner at an Ethiopian place near my house. As he had fifteen minutes or so after dinner before he had to go to the airport, he walked over to inspect my new digs.

As we neared the gas station kitty-corner to my house, a very large man started following us along the street. He was walking way too close to us, but not so close that two compulsively well-mannered blue-staters were going to ask him to step back. He tailed us through two intersections, just a few feet behind us. Because Dan doesn’t actually know where my house is, we turned off U Street later than I normally would, and the guy very obviously changed direction to stay behind us.

Everything worked out in the end. The race of the “very large man” is never mentioned. Is that because a) It is irrelevant or b) It is assumed known or c) Politeness? Can you guess the race?

UPDATE: The initial version of this post failed to note Drezner’s class year. Also, Drezner comments on the same incident here. Crime stories (and foiled crime stories) merit a spot on EphBlog. Recent example here.

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