I figured I would comment on the recent posts about African food. I have spent some fairly recent time in East Africa. About seven months, in fact. The best food I had there was Lebanese food.

The Lebanese are everywhere, by the way. A great majority of lebanese live outside of Lebanon. There are millions of Lebanese livings in Africa.

I found the African people I encountered to be very friendly and polite. There was minimal crime. Almost everyone had a curiosity about America that revealed hesitating admiration and trust. Most Africans that I met still held guarded hope for a strong and good America that delivered friendship and the promise of a better future.

I also encountered extreme separations of wealth, desperate poverty, and the rampant corruption that is prevalent in many African Nations. It is a sad place, in many ways. Very hard for me to express in the written language, but when I think about Africa, I get mixed feelings of joy, remorse, sadness and hope.

Has anyone ever heard of the theory “Relative Deprivation“? From what I have observed in my travels in life, I believe it is the most accurate criminology theory ever written. I do not believe that crime has anything to do with genetics, race, or even poverty. It is cultural.

Our views on class and race are always a work in progress. No one is ever “right” about such matters, but there are plenty of people who I know are wrong.

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