This is my first attempt to post something directly into WordPress, as opposed to having a not-yet-published post imported from Movable Type. Hope it works! Comments:

1) Thanks to Eric Smith ’99 (and our genius intern Michael) for help with the process so far. Although the pain is great now, I hope that the benefits will be even greater later. Thanks also to our authors for their patience and our readers for their feedback.

2) The problem with misattributed posts may only be solvable by committing WordPress “suicide,” i.e., deleting everything and doing another import from the old Movable Type installation. We will try that now. This means that any new comments (and posts like this one) will be lost forever. Sorry!

3) With luck, things will stablize in the next few days. We will be contacting some authors in the near future with information on how they can start posting.

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