We continue to (try to) make progress in our move to WordPress.

1)  Do people see all the images on the front page, especially from the posts “Fresh Start” and “Modest Proposal?” I don’t see them, but Eric does.

2) I have invited several of our authors to login to the new site and post something. I am fairly certain that this should work and that we will not need to delete those posts in the future. (And I feel the same about comments made from now going forward.) Unfortunately, inviting back authors needs to be done by hand, so I haven’t invited everyone. If you are an author who is raring to go, send me an e-mail (dave at kanecap dot com) and I’ll send you the info right away. This is further complicated by lack of reliable e-mails for all our authors.

3) As everyone can see, we still have the problem of misattribution on old posts. For now, we have set the author of all old posts to “admin.” (This is not an attempt to clean up my public record in preparation for a Senate run.) Why haven’t we been able to do this correctly? Well, our Movable Type archives are so big that we can’t seem to import them all at once. No problem, we thought, since we can just import them in seven or so big chunks. But WordPress/Movable Type do not play nicely in such a multiple import scheme in terms of keeping track of authors. (Anyone with a simple solution should speak up in the comments.) So, we will just ignore this for now and fix it later. All future posts should be credited to the correct author.

4) Comments on the (WordPress default) commenting protocal we are using are welcome. As best I understand it, any comments from first-time commentators go into moderation. After we approve them, those commentators can comment and see their posts right away. (Is that what is really going on? Is it working?) I am not even sure how WordPress knows that a given commentator has been approved before.

5) We (really, genius intern Michael with help from Eric Smith ’99) continue to go through the to-do list. Feedback is always welcome, especially about things that you miss from the old site.

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