The College is currently involved (big pdf) in a major planning process which focuses on the future to 2020.

President Schapiro has initiated a conversation with the multiple Williams constituencies to map out a vision for the College in 2020. While this process is just underway, we found his approach imaginative, timely, and inclusive. The senior management team and the trustees are comfortable using sophisticated models to predict evolving trends in higher education and these tools are used effectively to inform their planning. As the College moves forward
with this process over the next couple of years, it will develop plans to ensure that Williams is well placed to meet the challenges of 2020.

Nothing wrong with a little planning, although I have real doubts about what sorts of “sophisticated models” (read: Excel spreadsheets) are in use. But that’s not today’s rant.

I have heard that Morty and a large portion of the senior staff were just on (still on?) a boondoggle to England for some off-site discussion and planning relating to 2020. True? I have nothing against such trips, but don’t tell me that the College is really concerned about carbon emissions when it schedules meetings across the Atlantic that could happen just as well in Williamstown. Is it too late to buy some more offsets from Owl Feather War Bonnet Wind Farm? Just asking. Related rants.

If I were a member of TNG, I would make a big deal of this sort of hypocrisy.

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