For those who want to see me rant in person rather than read my rants from a distance, here is my agenda for the week-end at Williams, starting today.

Friday Noon at OCC, speaking on “How to Get a Cool Job in Finance.” My plan is to talk about all the same stuff as last November. I should probably change the title to “Job/Internship” since the same advice applies to both. I don’t expect a lot of people, so I think that there will be plenty of time to answer individual questions. As last time, I will keep my prepared remarks to 10 minutes.

Saturday at 4:00 at Brooks-Rogers on “How to Make Williams The Best College in the World.” I did everything I could to get this talk listed in the public calendar but, alas, I don’t have as many friends at Williams as I think that I have. Thanks to Rahul Shah Bahl, I did make the Daily Adviser and Jo Procter placed something on WSO, so I should be more thankful for the friends that I have rather than regretful of the friends that I don’t. I am still having trouble figuring out who runs the tech support for Brooks-Rogers. Will I be able to show slides? Can I plug in a computer and see it displayed on a big screen? Pointers welcome! Regular readers will recognize several of the themes of the talk, but this is the first time that I have really put it all together in a semi-coherent whole.

Sunday 2:00 PM speaking to the Purple Bull Investment Club on whatever they want to talk about. I don’t have a location yet. I will update when I do. I am sure that non-club members are welcome as well.

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