Just a brief note on comments. As some of you have noticed, comments from new commentators are not immediately posted. Instead, they go into a “moderation” queue, along with 20 times their weight in comment spam. I, or another administrator, check the queue somewhat regularly and approve things. If we did not approve your comment, it is probably because we made a mistake and confused it with the payday loan spam which plagues us. Once you have been approved once, your comments go in immediately. I don’t know how WordPress knows that you are you, whether it is by IP or name or e-mail address.

I know that we have had extensive discussions in the past about how best to handle comments, whether we should allow anonymous comments, whether we should force anonymous commentators to pick meaningful pseudonyms and so on. Alas, we are currently just using what WordPress provides by default. I couldn’t even change it if I wanted to!

Anyway, all that is just an update. And a request for volunteers! Surely there is an Eph out there who is experiences with WordPress (or eager to learn about it) and would like to be our main WordPress administrator. Let us know.

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