Hey All,    I am quite new to the blog scene, but with Dave’s help, I am posting the Purple Bull Investment Club Portfolio.  For those of you who don’t know, we are an investment club here at Williams.  The group was started 3 years ago as a way for Williams students to research and invest in the stock market.  Seeing how we have so many successful Ephs in the financial world, but no real finance training here at Williams, I believe this group is a great starting point for many students.   Each member is required to contribute $500 and we work together to invest the money.  More than the profits, we are more concerned with the educational aspect of investing.  Anyhow, I have posted our current holdings.  Please note that we also have a strong cash holding, nearly 5k.  Basically, we would appreciate any advice you have on our current holdings or perhaps some things we should consider buying.  Our goal is to try to establish a conversation between more knowledgeable Ephs and the Club.  Thanks in advance for your time and help! CAT; DFS; FRO; MS; NYB; PFE; TRST; WM; WYNN; YHOO   

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