Is Dean Merrill stocking up on the tear gas?

Tonight (THURSDAY), we’re staying in Paresky after hours. The administration thinks that we, the students, don’t care about having our student center open 24/7 for our use. If you want to be able to sit in Paresky late into the night during the semester, come show your support at tonight’s sit-in.

Stop by tonight for a little while or a long while. DVD or board game in hand. Pretend spring semester hasn’t started yet or get a jump start on this semester’s reading! Or just socialize with whoever else you happen to find in Paresky throughout the night.
Support the cause! We deserve our student center!

Who says kids today aren’t idealistic?

Best strategy for the Administration is to totally ignore this and not try to lock up tonight, or for the next few nights. Then, once the students have moved on, just start locking the doors again.

Once the Administration does that, best strategy for the students is to ensure that at least of their number is in Paresky at the lock-up time (2:00 AM) and refuses to leave. After a few weeks of that, the Administration might give up. See the Record for background reading.

UPDATE: Are you a Record reporter? Make sure to read Jonathan Landsman’s comment below.

However, 24 hour access to the new student center was a feature of it, a promise made about it by administrators at all levels—I heard this personally from Morty, Dean Roseman, a number of times.

Did Morty and Roseman “promise” that the student center would be open 24/7? It’s an empirical question. Go ask them. And, if the try to weasel out with a non-response, call Landsman and confirm. Promises should be kept.

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