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1988 Yearbook: Page 23

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#1 Comment By Neil On February 8, 2008 @ 12:26 pm

Can you fix the forward and backward links on each post so they don’t take you off ephblog?

If posts from other blogs are meant to be part of Ephblog, shouldn’t they be displayed in chrono order on the http://www.ephblog.com main page?

This co-whatever blog implementation makes it cumbersome if not annoying to navigate from one post to the next and it makes it difficult to understand what posts are on ephblog.

Beside fixing the f-links and b-links, you might consider a right column chrono list of posts by title. That’d solve the navigation problem. Also, plainly ID which posts are on Ephblog and which post as co-posted here.

Thank you for your time and effort and for considering this request.