Apologies for the crudity, but this seems like a good first draft for the name and official mascot of the Spring 2008 Williams Campus Controversy. I asked for reader feedback on several occasions, but only “batman” chimed in with the suggestion for “Willy E N-word” and so he wins our contest. We needed to include some reference to the n-word, obviously, but using the slur itself seems over the top. There is some debate as to whether or not the “E” should have a period or the “w” in “N-word” should be capitalized.. And what about the font? Comments welcome! Given that the original event was in entry E in Williams Hall (generally abbreviated as Willy E on campus), the Road Runners’ friend is the obvious mascot.

Readers of a certain age will recall these cartoons. See Wikipedia. One of the more amusing aspects was the Coyote’s claim to be a “super genius.” Given the penis drawings in the original vandalism, the young-at-heart Eph in me could not resist the pun.

As best I can tell, many of the students involved in the Pact Against Indifference (folks like Kim Dacres, Morgan Goodwin and Will Slack) are very sensible. Indeed, the initial set of goals is something quite reasonable.

1) Construction of a social honor code, to which people would be held accountable in a similar manner as the academic honor code.
2) A discussion day, in which we will raise awareness about issues on campus in a positive way.
3) Addressing subgroups on campus so that everyone is in some way involved in the discussions and honor code (subgroups being clubs, sports, musical ensembles, etc.).

The first is, obviously, not that far away in spirit from an Eph Style Guide, although the “held accountable” part would need to be via a naming/shaming mechanism and not the College’s official disciplinary process. But, again, reasonable people can have an open-minded discussion about these goals; I was certainly wrong to worry that the goals would be some throw-back to the PC 80’s.

But knowing what I know about some of the faculty at Williams and seeing the tone of some of the student comments on WSO, I still think that this might turn into some major PC buffoonery. I am not betting that way but, if it does, our mascot above will work on many levels . . .

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