So, I’ve decided to put up old shows occasionally, with some obscure tie to a holiday, or perhaps a non-obscure tie to an obscure holiday.As you may have guessed, the publisher’s I produce shows for don’t have a lot of Valentine-y material, though, for the record, I do some non-production work for Harlequin (always a happy ending!), and they are chock-a-block with the requisite Valentine goodies. Instead, I’ve chosen an interview I did about a year ago with a women named Leonie Gombrich, whose grandfather was E.H. Gombrich, a man probably best known for The Story of Art, but this interview was about a book he wrote in his twenties called A Little History of the World, an absolutely charming world history written for children, and one that is written to be read out loud. Leonie obviously loved her grandfather, and I think it comes through in this show.

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