Has Stand With Us reached the stage of PC Buffoonery yet? The audience has filled the theater. Curtain opening can not be far away.

To put it more clearly, I don’t think people are indifferent to racism in general, but they are relatively indifferent to the minor acts of a select few drunk idiots on campus.

If you had attended the meetings, you would realise that there are incidents involving sober perps, including profs in class, entrymates etc.

So, it is common for Williams professors in class to use racial slurs? You learn something new everyday.

Again, if we are to make any progress, we must catalog the events that happened, or are alleged to have happened. First we need the facts. Then we can talk about what those facts mean. Which professor? What class? What did she say? What was the context? Did anyone object, either in class or afterwards? What happened then?

Judging by many of the comments on WSO, many (a large majority?) of students have never experienced, first-hand, actions that might plausibly be covered by a social honor code. They, unsurprisingly, see no reason for such code. Many members of Stand With Us, on the other hand, have experienced such events, not uncommonly. But if the second group is going to convince the first group, they need to tell those stories in writing. Since 2000 students can’t come to a meeting, it is ridiculous to say, “This was covered at the meetings.” Stand With Us needs to tell those stories, with as much messy detail as possible but allowing students to remain anonymous if they wish.

That’s one incident. There are other less “apparent” examples. Some students will be speaking at the rally tonight about their own “incidents.” If anyone wants to hear more, it might be useful to check out the rally. I’m assuming that there are a decent number of incidents, because I’m only a freshman and even I heard some insensitive things said to me just last semester. I’m not going to write about them here, though.

Again, it is impossible to tell whether or not Williams has a problem unless someone is willing to spell out just what those “insensitive things” are. “You ought to clean up the common room,” might be perceived, depending in the context, as “insensitive,” but you can hardly ask for a Social Honor Code to govern all aspects of student interaction. Again, I am not asking this student, a member of Stand With Us, to put her name behind descriptions. That would be good but is not necessary. But no one should take her concerns seriously unless and until she spells them out, even anonymously.

Yet the best part is the behind the scenes PC brainwashing. Here we have a student who has spent 6 months at Williams. If the College has a real problem with racial slurs one would expect, you know, that she had heard one now and again. If she hasn’t, then isn’t Williams doing fairly well? What is the problem? But instead of trusting the evidence of her own eyes, this student is “goad[ed]” by faculty into thinking of Williams as overrun with racists. She just hasn’t been around long enough to see them! Perhaps she needs to have her consciousness raised. Beware! There are racists everywhere! Don’t believe me? Ask the faculty!

Can we please have some more details on the faculty who have “goaded” students on this topic?

Best part:

Testimonials will probably be recorded down in the form of artwork to be put on display, if I remember correctly.

Artwork!? I love it. Do I get to start complaining about PC buffoonery yet? The actors are taking their places on the stage . . .

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