Curious how the rally/march went last night? Peter Nunns ’08 reports:

I went. It was, to put it lightly, incredible. It started out with speeches, testimonials, poetry, and proceeded with a march to the libraries and Frosh Quad. The whole nine yards – chanting “Stand With Us!” and “Eliminate Hate!”, bullhorns, banners, marching through the slush on a cold New England night. I was staggered by the sheer number of people marching: there were perhaps 500 people there. On a campus of 2000 students, that’s huge. The noise was amazing.

I saw a bunch of people taking photos and videos – I’ll try to get ahold of some of those. Stand with us!

Good stuff. Five hundred people at 10:30 PM on a cold slushy New England night is a stunning achievement. Congratulations to all the Ephs at Stand With Us on a brilliant event, well-planned and well-executed. Comments:

1) Video and pictures would be great. And more descriptions too! If you were at the event, write down (here or elsewhere) what happened. Who spoke? What did they say? What was the march route? It all seems clear now but, in 2028 when you are preparing for your 20th reunion, you will be glad to have as much first-hand testimony as possible. Tell your future selves the story now.

2) Nunns mentions that the slur “was written across a Barack Obama poster on a black student’s door, and several other doors in the vicinity.” This is helpful information. I was concerned that the slur was directed at the student who lived in that room (and it might well have been). But drunken racist idiots would tend to use any Obama poster for purpose of self-expression, without worrying about who lived behind the door. Were all the slurs written on Obama posters or just one? If we are stuck with racist Ephs, it is better/safer if their hatred are directed outwards toward Obama (whom I voted for in the Massachusetts primary) rather than inward at a Williams undergraduate.

3) Nunns is a great writer. Consider: “Hate is the enemy, of course, but indifference is its ally.” He ought to write at EphBlog! He should certainly take the time to record several pages of his thoughts and observations of the march. It will be some of his most important writing at Williams.

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