Click below for full image. Note that Sage A and Williams A were both all male entries that year. When was the last year of single sex entries? Back in the day, there were, I think, two reasons for single sex entries. First, the sex ratio was less even (55:45?) so, if most entries were evenly split, you still had extra men. Second, and more importantly, first years were allowed to express a preference for single sex versus co-ed entries if they had one. I think that more than a few students, mostly women, had a preference for such entries and the College, still flush with the power of patriarchy, met those preferences. (I think that many/most of the boys in single sex entries were not there out of choice.)

When did the College stop asking that question? When was the last year of single sex entries? I don’t know.

Are you a conservative student who wants to make trouble on campus? This is a perfect topic! Demand that the College at least ask accepted students their preference on the housing forms that they will be filling out in a few months. What could be the harm in finding out this information? Surely, knowing if someone prefers a single sex entry is at least as important as finding out her taste in music. If all students prefer co-ed entries, there is no problem.

But, I bet, many (25? 50?) young women will prefer a single sex entry within a co-ed dorm. (As my wife says, only a girl without brothers would want to share a bathroom with the typical 18 year-old boy.) Once the College discovers this preference, doesn’t it have an obligation to try to meet it?

This is a great debate for conservative students to force on the College because they can frame it in terms of student choice, of asking women what they want and then meeting their requests. Who could object?

Extra credit: Can you identify the future Marine in Sage A?

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